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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hermine may have lost its tropical storm furry, but it is down to make a dapg rouse comeback that could threat p millions. it's just past 1:00 p.m. in the east, 10:00 a.m. in the west an hermine is picking up strength after moving out over the atlantic oceaning it is forecast to become a hurricane potentially by tomorrow night and stay as a hurricane through tuesday. right now, that storm is moving north along the east coast. let's look at some new flooding video that's in from virginia. certainly flooding being a manl concern for the millions along
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its past. but first, let's head out to kerry sanders who's in virginia what. looks to be betting hit hard. what's it like? >> it is, alex. the reason i positioned myself down here well down the boardwalk is to sort of give you a visual and ik you can see this. i'm going to try not to turn too much of the wipd. you can see the dry sand, it stopped raining here. it's blowing across and the background in the major gusts we're having. some winds that are gusting about 50, 55 miles per hour. clearly because so many people are house bound and about 31,000 have lost electricity just in this general vicinity, a lot of folks have come out to see what's going on. fortunately, t not raining right now. but they've come out to just sort of get an idea of what this means. as i look out there at the ocean and as we look that direction, you can see among the thipgs
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that people see out there is that they're getting perhaps a little too close to the waters edge and that's why the police have been coming up and down here telling people not a idea to get out there. sort of curious. see if we can just bring in gentleman over here. why did you decide to come out? walk with me. not that rough. just house bound? >> my wife made me. >> so you came down, what do you think of what you're seeing here? >> it's amazing. >> amazing. mother nature's fury. you respect mother nature? >> yes. >> some people going out too close to the water. police told them to step off. you understand don't go there. >> yeah. idiots. >> they're idiots. thank you very much. appreciate it. and so, alex, there you hear somebody saying what i guess a reporter would not be able to say, but certainly, using the words that ipg some people here might agree with. getting in that water with the
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rip currents out there and the tremendous wave action. you're in trouble, nobody there to help you. >> those three, we'll call them na hoos out there in the water in the last hour, i didn't think they were the brightest bulb of the bunch because it was so dapg rouse and the cops were blaring their horns saying get out of the water. >> imt to give you a view of that. see, that is really rough water. >> oh, yeah. >> what yu don't see is what's happening underneath. the rip current. even though a lot of people have had art them and how they pull you out and what you're supposed to do is swim parallel to the beach if you get caught in one, try to swim parallel to the beach in something like that and the water will exhaust you. at the epd of the day, michael phelps cannot beat a rip current. so, nobody's going to beat a rip current and of course, the authorities don't want to have to run out there and try to save somebody or worse, not be able to go in there and help them and watch somebody drown. >> okay. kerry sanders, thank you so
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much. sobering thought. bonnie schneider is tracking this storm for us. she joins me now. so, i know was a hurricane, theb a tropical storm. now, a post tror cal cyclone, but it could be a hurricane again. >> that's true. it is kind of hard to follow and when you're focused on the post tropical cyclone, doesn't mean it's weaker. if anything, it's stronger. just coming over cooler water and more dry air, so that's one of the reasons why it get classified as a post tropical cell pho cyclone. wipd now at 65. this is a strong tropical storm. eventually pushing offshore and our latest track, it looks like a jumble of placements because normally, we have it all spaceded out because the storm would zip out to sea. not in this case. we're likely to see the storm become a hurricane once again with winds exceeding 74 miles per hour. by the time we get to tomorrow night as early as then.
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and then the national hurricane center says it will sit offshore as a hurricane. not making a land fall and new jersey, new york and the delmarva and it will be out there for a few days a. b problem with that is ooemp though it's offshore and cut off from the jet stream, just sitting there will create winds and waves that will be damaging. we're expecting damaging surf, especially the time of high tides. in fact, the numbers were raised in the last advisory from 2 to 4 feet, now 3 to 5 feet. from the virginia and north carolina border straight up through new jersey. at least a good portion of southern new jersey. 3 to 5 feet. storm surge. this is going to be a dangerous situation for coastal flooding as well as the island even up towards rhode island and nudew england. hermine sa storm that doesn't want to leave us. sticking around for few more days. >> apparently not. with the possibility of becoming a hurricane stretching over two day, we have to take this one really seriously. thank you very much.
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appreciate that. now to the other day's breaking news, donald trump's visit to detroit amid sharp criticism of his african-american outreach. at the hour, he is conducting a walking tour in one part of the city. he's got dr. ben carson, a native of detroit by his side. about ab hour ago, he wrapped up remarks after so much uncertainsy as to whether he would address the congregation. he was clapping and swaying along with the church's congr s congregation. here's what trump told them from what appeared to be prepared comments. >> our nation is too divided. we talk past each other. not to each other. and those who seek office conot do not do enough to step into the community and learn. what is going on. they don't know. they have no clue. i'm here today to learn.
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so that we can together remedy injustice. in any form. and so that we can also remedy economics. so that the african-american community can benefit economically. through jobs and income. and so many other dimpt ways. >> as donald trump took part in this morning's surface, a much different scene outside the church as you see dozens of people chanting dump trump. they were holding signs that read no hate in the white house. meanwhile, brenda lawrence, a clinton supporter, blasted trump at a press conference this morning. >> this scenario that you see being played out is typical donald trump. that's why when you say what do i have to lose? look at what that man, how this man treats us as a black community. this is insulting. donald trump is continuously showing me regardless of the
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history, that he does not have the desire, the compassion or the intellectual ability to be, to recognize what america is. >> tremayne lee was right inside the church during donald trump's visit and talk about this scene inside there. most note fwli bly, the fact there were sochl empty seats in what appeared to be a full congregation and church service there. >> that's right. you had a couple hundred people inside the church that were pretty much right in front of the stage and back about a dozen or so rows, but from behipd me, there were another 50, 75 maybe 100 seats that were emp thety. i think this was a carefully crafted, carefully script ee ee event where they happened out tickets. we saw donald trump take to the lekturn with his prepared
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remarks. he appealed to people's faith. their rights to worship and education. talked about trying to rebuild detroit and get people off of the streets and employed. but let's take a listen to more of what he had to say. >> you do right every day. by your community. and your families. you raise children in the light of god. i will always support your church, always. and defend your right to worship. so important. i am here today to listen to your message. and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country. and many of these audiences desperately need your spirit and your thought. >> alex, i want to bring in sophie. a detroit resident, was inside the entire time. sophie, what was your big take away here today?
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>> just seeing how a relacked person he really is is. listening to his message. that was kind of comforting. but i'm still, you know, up in the air. really when it comes to both candidates because i'm listening to the news, listening to what they're saying about clinton's e-mails. it just seems like she's not being truthful, so i'm in between both of the candidates. i'm actually undecided. >> i spent the last three days here in detroit talking to black voters and she might be an outleader. most of folks i talked to said they don't trust donald trump. they watched him go from city to city. they doept like his remarks about why black folks should vote for him. saying your neighborhood and schools are no good et cetera. when you were inside there, you did feel a kind of warmth. the audience actually welcomed donald trump. his remarks carefully script ed
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went over fairly well. i think the lasting optic, th images are of bishop jackson with his arm around donald trump, blessing him. >> let's bring in reverend sharpton. and host of the msnbc program, politics nation. reverend, as always, good to have you here. okay, your take on what you heard from donald trump this morning. did he give you anything that you can jump off of and say, all right, i can see how this can work? i think he blew an opportunity because he had the opportunity to really say to black voters, this was a request he haed. meez tr things that i'm not only saying we'd like to see the country do, this is how we get there. here's my economic policies that would benefit you directly. here's my policies on dealing with gun violence since you'd get shot if you walked down the street. here's my education policies. my criminal justice.
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he did none of that. he gave a we should learn from each ore. well, you've been in business in new york 40 years. harlem is on the same island as trump tower. why haven't you gone up there an learned? he's 70 years old. you're running for president. you talk to voters about what you propose they do. you don't say i come 70 years old having been in the public eye 35 years and i'm just discovering what you need and i have no policies to offer you. i think he really blew a tremendous opportunity to shut a lot f us up that have been questioning him. his outreach was hollow. now, my suspicious is that if he got specific, he would offend some of his hard core right wing base because they'd say, wait a minute, you can't support set aside for black businesses affirmative action because gebs that, so he put himself in a position where he can't go
10:14 am
there, wu bu if you contrast him with mrs. clinton who has gone civil rights conventions and black churches, these are the things i'm going to do. not just go, but laid it out. whether i agree is not the point. at least she does not insult our intelligence. acting as if just saying we ought to come together, but not how to bridge that gap. it's insulting. >> so, then would you say that he was pandering to some degree? the point, and there are those who are going to say maybe this venue was not the place to put out the policy speech. >> he requested the venue. he requested the venue and pandering, i don't even think it got to the level of pandering. pandering is saying something you're not going to do. he didn't ooempb say what he was going to do. >> the fact that he brings up a allowing people to continue to worship as they choose.
10:15 am
that's not in question in this country. >> to say we're going to worship as we choose is like he's talking to people in kindergarten. of course we already have that. was he we areferring to the act his running mate in indiana, is he saying about was he alludiin to the so-called of freedom of religious act in indiana? i don't know what he was saying there, but he certainly had an opportunity since he's gone on two occasions the to say blacks should not vote democratic and we should try something new. he had an opportunity to lay out what new meant and he did not do that. >> all you're saying was pretty much reflected in what the congressman was saying in the interview leading into this. >> it really reflect james brown song. you know i'm fan. like a dog night that just won't cut it. he was talking loud and saying nothing. >> the next time you say that,
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you're going to have to sing it. we'll hold for that. >> i might sing it in the morning. >> that would be good. quickly, sophie. you heard her. a woman who said, some aspects about hillary clinton i'm not feeling it. still undecided. tremayne said for the most part, she's an outliar. but what do you think about her comments? >> well, i think one is that even sophie, who was in the church and felt warm with donald trump still said i'm not sure i can vote for him. her reasoning on mrs. clinton is something about the e-mails and whether she was honest. i think that if donald trump walked away, would people in the church still saying i don't know, then i think it's a bad day for him. i think mrs. clinton has to deal with some of the things they're raising and since so far seems to be b in e-mail, i think she ends up being able to answer that, but if donald trump swaying and acting like he spent
10:17 am
a lot of weekends clapping handing in church, if he couldn't convince sophie, then he's got a problem with black voters. >> and we know that reflecked in the polls as you know very well. 2% is about the highest he gets. there is one that says he has as much as 8% of the african-american vote. what do you think in terms of the uphill battle? how much might he stand to gain? >> i don't think he's after black voters. i think he's trying stay to independents and moderate republican white voerts, see, i'm not racist because all the polls have said that is frequently mentioned about that he is racist. so i think he's really shooting at white voters and trying to calm them. i don't think he's trying to shoot for black voters, because if he did, he would talk to us like we are adults and voters today and he didn't. >> he talked about this being the party of lincoln and what he la mepts may have been lost.
10:18 am
>> become iing the nominee of t party of abraham lincoln. lot o people don't realize that abraham lincoln, the great abraham lincoln, was a republican. has been the greatest honor of my life. it is on his legacy that i hope to build the future of the party, but more important, the future of the country and the community. i believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time. one that ensure it is right to a great education so important. and the right to live in safety and in peace. >> talking about abraham lincoln. how much is that going to buy him? >> first of all, he acted like they did not know abe lincoln was a republican and how many different transformations has the republican party gone through in last century in a half when lincoln was president. he was not president before barack obama. again, insulting.
10:19 am
the republican party changed several times so did the democratic party. and as late as the new deal when many blacks started going with roosevelt because it served our interest, some went back to eisenhower, who was a republican. a democratic congressman in harlem supported adam for president. we went back democratic with kennedy and johnson because they supported the civil rights and voting rights act. so he need to act why it's not the party of lincoln anymore. but the other thing that was very interesting is if you're saying that we need to deal with these issues of economics, why doesn't he tell us how many blacks have contracts with the trump organization? he has buildings all over the country. how many black businessmen did you give opportunities to? how many blacks worked in your companies, your casinos, your hotels. why doents don't you tell us your example.
10:20 am
mrs. clinton talks about going back to the 20s with marian wright. he go back to his past -- charging his dad with discrimination and campaigning against five young black men in harlem that were wrongly accused of a rape. show us your record, mr. trump. show us what you have done. >> i have a feeling you're going to be talking about that on politics nation tomorrow morning. >> in fact, i'm going to have bishop jackson on and ask him about his interview that he was doing following and why he did it in the first place. he'll be on with me at 8:0 a.m. as well as the congresswoman. we're going to have a lot to say. >> in addition to you singing james brown, it's going to be a show you can't miss. >> i also have p. diddy on tomorrow. i'll do what we do on sunday. we'll do the swinging. >> soupded good. be sure to watch the big show, the interview tomorrow morning and singing and music at 8:00
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more on politics. donald trump has wrapped up his latest attempt to woo african-american voters. it happened during a visit to a church in detroit. here's some of what he said. >> i fully understand that the african-american xhunts has suffered from discrimination. and that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> let's bripg our panel. we have alexander, the author of the guilded rage, a wild ride through donald trump's america. also with us is ozzy from politico and francesca chambers,
10:25 am
she covered the clinton campaign. let's go ladies first. your reaction the trump's outreach. >> well, you noted earlier, he was reading off of a telepromter today. really stiff, trump has been at his best when he isn't reading off a telepromter and this would would have been a day where it seemed he would have wanted to reach out to them from his heart. this is one of the first times he's done outreach like this to a black community at a black church. he skipped the naacp convention. that was during the republican national convention and it was in ohio, but he said he didn't have time to come, so he's got a bit of catching up to do here. >> alex. the book you wrote, you spent all that time, four or five month, traveling through america, only hanging out with trump supporters. did you get how they might react to this appearance at a church? >> i don't see this moving the needle. very much. for the average trump supporter.
10:26 am
civil rights outreach is -- move the needle. there's too much history here. a o this is a guy that's family fortunate, settle with the justice department for millions of dollars in the 1970s. after obama's election and you don't have to get into the more recrept stuff to see why he's going to have a hard time. >> is there any credit, do you see anything fruitful that can come from this? >> the expectations were so low, he showed up. congratulations. he read a script. congratulations. this is a guy who's record really is in contrast with the
10:27 am
whole idea of reaching out to the community. the teenagers refusal -- rape case. they're still with us today. that's something i think speaks louder and people remember more than just one day. >> let's play another sound bite. this is from trump touring with ben carson with his old neighborhood. want to get your reactions on the other side. here it is. >> did his homework. >> did get straight as. >> yes, he did. >> good luck. >> all right. you have a nice time here. >> you, too, watch that bee. >> at church tomorrow. >> so beautiful. >> have a wonderful time. very blessed. he's a great man. >> so, what's your reaction to this? how do you want to reflect on what you heard there? >> donald trump finally getting
10:28 am
out as i was saying before into the black community, talking to some people at ben carson's old home. he did not take a tour of the rest of detroit today. that was the only stop he made afterwards. perhaps miss an opportunity to meet with some other people in the neighborhood or in an around detroit. >> okay. ozzy, do you think that ben carson's presence helps him and yonk if you heard tremayne lee, our colleague speaking with a woman named sophie outside of church. she was inside and said i'm coming away, still up in the air. i don't know who i'm going vote for yet. ben kacarson has a real record a following. walki ining and and shaking a f hands, he's come frg a position where he attacked the first african-american to be elected president of the united states and accused him of not being an american and bringing hip to the mainstream, this really radical idea and now, he doesn't want to talk about it. so the idea he shows up, has ben carson, they talk to a few
10:29 am
people. i don't know if it's going to make a difference. >> does dump have somebody to it when he said look, the democrats have failed the african-american community to an extent as well. is there something you think might generate steam and put things in his favor that way? >> i think that might resognate is some that feel the democrats take the black community for granted in this country. but at the epd of the day, this is a guy who's policies are going to disproportionately and negatively impact black america from destroying the department of education. environmental protection agency. which has an environmental justice department that protects minority communities from disproportionate impacts of pollution, down the line. he's a disaster for black america in so many ways. i don't think walking around with ben carson for a day means anything. >> all three of you guy, thank you so much for your time and
10:30 am
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the united states postal service. priority: you welcome back. 33 past the hour m here's what we're monitoring, tropical storm, what was hermine, gaining strength now. in fact, overnight, it just plowed across outer banks with high winds, heavy rain, surging seas and the storm has left a path of destruction in florida to the carolinas. let's look at some new images, tht from norfolk, virginia, where you can see the flood waters filling the streets. emergency declarations remap in effect there as well as parts of georgia, florida, north carolina and maryland. now to tammy lightener, she's in seaside height, new jersey. another area bracing from the high tides and potential flooding there. tammy, let's get back to you and aside from the high surf and wins, what's it like out there?
10:34 am
>> alex, with store own rs and rez depts, they're brace, getting ready for the worst. right now, the biggest problem is the wind and take a look at the water behipd me. the waves with kicking off. the biggest concern yesterday and early today was the rip tides. life guards have been patrolling, i think you can see one still out there right now on the quad. they've been patrol, making sure nobody goes many the water. that's the biggest danger right now. are these rip tides, now, as i mentioned, there are still tourists out here, people visiting. i'm here with ed hall. he lives in new jersey, but he's from a different part and did you have an idea this storm was going on? >> not actually. the last i heard was going to be good weather. we we were going to be a barbecue and now, we got undercover i guess. >> you're dwoipg to wait out the storm? >> absolutely. not going to run from it. i love the ocean. always kind of raised on it, so i just hope it don't get out of control. >> thanks, ed.
10:35 am
a lot of people are hoping it dupt get out of control, back to you. >> i'm sure they are. thank you so much. . next up, former san francisco mayor, willie brown, joins me. i'll get his reaction to donald trump's visit to a church in detroit. hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row. cook healthy meals... yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast.
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donald trump has wrap up his visit to a predominantly black church in urban detroit and he talked about faith and unity. >> when anyone hurt, we all hurt together and that's so true. so true. we're all brothers and sisters. an we're all create ed by the se god. we must love each other and support each other and we are in this all together. >> let's bring in former san francisco mayor, willie brown. welcome back to the broadcast, always good to have you, sir. >> thank you, alex. >> as i play that sound bite, i know you've been watching the coverage, tell me what do you
10:39 am
think about mr. trurp's outreach and the iraqs he made in church. >> i don't think it gets him frankly anything. of course, people who atepid tend the church in the plaque community have been very poe light. respectful, they never, ever mistreat anyone who comes through their door, but they are wise enough that when you exit the door, they know who you are and what to expect of you and trump is no different. >> i don't know if you heard our interview that my colleague did with a woman named sophie who was inside the church and litsenned to the entire sermon and everything that was going op. she came out and said that she was still undecided. she didn't have an opinion either way yet. how much does that surprise you? >> that doesn't surprise me frankly, but was obviously sophie has not been following the history of donald trump. she may not be for hillary, but
10:40 am
could never been for trump. he is the question who questioned whether or not the kurpt president was really an merp, let alone an african-american. he has done a series of things over his history, that are totally inconsistent with anything that would benefit the african-american community and then finally, all the things he advocates are inconsistent, so this person is just out to lunch. >> mr. trump spoke about the importance of the black church in the county trichl here's part of what he said about that. >> for centuries, the african-american church has been the conscious of our country. so true. there is perhaps no action our leerds can take that would do more to heal our country and support our people that a to provide a greater platform to the black churches and churchgoers. >> so, you talk about the black
10:41 am
churchgoers in america, how they are a polite group and know your name and embrace those on the congress gag on that sat or sunday. how do you think the visit will be p perceived overall in this community? >> well, being clear, the african-american church in the country led by people like martin luther king jr. and many people before him who are equally committed to representing the interests of african-americans, have done so. clearly, without any whatsoever except any charlatan like donald trump and believe me, no matter what he says or does, the african-american community led by the african-american church will never in the numbers that he needs embrace him. he's trying to prove he's not a
10:42 am
racist. not to us, to some white people who have raised questions with him. not us. >> before mr. trump spoke in church, democratic leaders held a news conference in detroit. here's what brenda lawrence had to say. let's listen. >> now, 60 days out, he chooses to come and find a minister that will allow him in his church. where hillary clinton has been here repeatedly, this woman who wants to be my president has included me from day one. this scenario that you see being played out is typical donald trump. and that's why when you say what do i have to lose, look at what this man, how u this man treats us as a black community. this is insulting. >> i'm going assume you are in agreement based on what you've said on this interview. >> totally. as a matter of fact, i can assure you, that the clintons
10:43 am
have for years, since i first met them in 1972, they have always had the proper perspective african-americans. their own history clearly reflects that and it's amazing you should know that african-americans are well informed when it comes to the question of how they vote. you can't fool them with slogan, snap judgment, with with ads. they know the history of your performance and your candidacy well enough to know when and when not to jump. and believe me, donald trump will not cause african-americans jump. >> mr. mayor, i'd like you to stay with me. we're being told the pastor of the church is speaking. >> had to be a good idea because god told me to do it. i knew it wasn't going to be popular. nobody wants their name smashed all around the country. this is, i have somebody call
10:44 am
me, text me from israel. i've gotten calls from around the world. so, this is me and -- world, so it's not a good thing to have people try to take good care, say you're doing it because somebody gave you money. listen, donald trump did not offer me any money. his staff never offered me any money. not me, my family members. not my church, not my network, nothing. >> there were allegations this was going to be scripted. were his answers scripted? was he prepare snd zpl i wasn't scripted because i was looking for that. just sat down like a normal guy. just answered the questions. >> is detroit bert off today because donald trump was here? >> i think detroit is better off because because we need, detroit is a a1 city. no matter what people say about detroit. we stick together in hard times. with donald trump being here, we have witnessed an act of love.
10:45 am
even though we had protesters out there. when this church received him, we're saying we're -- if we really love jesus and our christian, the do i believe bible says in the fifth chapter of matthew, it says blessed a r the peacemakers, thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. mayor, listening there to pastor jackson that was a live interview there outside the church. which will appear on his network in six or sech days. what are your thoughts? >> i must tell you that that pastor is consistent with what most african-american pastors throughout this nation has always done. they will afford people a forum and within the context of that forum, consist ebt with all of their religious beliefs, they are again polite. but they are thot persuaded. >> mr. mayor, i know you wrote earlier this week, that trump and clinton are playing to the
10:46 am
same crowd. mostly white suburban voters. do you see any candidate looking out for the voters in the inner cities? >> no, not really. although the proposals an the views expressed by hillary clinton are far more consist went the needs and interests of urban america, but there is no candidate who is running on the basis that they are simply looking out for urban america, where african-americans live, whether it's harlem, watts or oakland. >> willie brown, always good to see you. thank you, sir. hermine is supposed to regain its former fury. how strong will it get in we're dwoipg to check in with bonnie in just a moment on that. and next hour, sorting out where donald trump now stands on illegal immigration. richard lui will try to figure that out. planets are perfectly aligned,
10:47 am
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let's get to bonnie schneider who's joining me now with the lits on hermine. where is it going and what do we need to latest? >> it strengthened. it's very strong. right now winds at 65 miles per hour. those winds will climb to hurricane intensity by the time we get to sunday night and monday and tuesday. so we're looking at a powerful storm just sitting offshore. that means coastal flooding. when a storm doesn't scoot out it it sits there, it's not nood news. we could see wave heights 3 to 5 feet above normal at the time of high tide as hermine stays there. some of the biggest risk area will be up to new jersey, virginia to new jersey. 3 to 5 feet at the time of high tide. >> okay. thank you for the head up. early voting begins even before the first of the presidential debates. how will that affect the early turn out? that's next. ♪ ♪
10:51 am
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in the race for the white house some states will start voting later this month and that is early voting. the latest national poll shows the race is tightening between hillary clinton and donald trump. joining me now the senior political write for the website 538. welcome. let's take a look at the poll out of news nbc's battle ground map. even with the toss up states, there doesn't seem to be a path for donald trump. 538 reported it's a mistake to think that clinton's position in the swing states will protect her in the electoral college. >> right. states make up the nation. if the nationwide polling is tight, we should see tightening in the swing states. we did see that, for instance, in this week in wisconsin. it previously had hillary clinton ahead by 15 percentage points. it shifted to less than 5 percentage points. i wouldn't be surprised as these
10:55 am
get updated we'll see some of these states that perhaps were in hillary clinton's column previously be shifted back into the toss up column. that said, hillary clinton leads the selection now. she has more states in her bag than donald trump. but we'll wait and see and see how the states actually react. once we head into later this month as things seem to be tightening. >> getting into the weeds here, if you will. you say there's a difference in poll results depending on the polling method. why does hillary clinton do better in live polls. >> i think a few reasons. i would say live polls tend to be reach minority voters and younger voters. automatic -- automated phones, interactive voice response can't reach them. they can't call cell phones. a lot of younger voters don't have landlines. whether they are this year accurate we'll have to wait to see. >> i mention early voting begins
10:56 am
soon. what do you expect in terms of turn out with early voting in this race? >> i mean, look, people are energized. most people know whether or not they like hillary clinton or donald trump. among those people who already say they're voting for or decided they want to vote for one of the two. most of them say they're not going change their mind. i expect early voting to be high in the states that have it. >> how about debates? will it affect the early voters? >> well, i know i if they cast a ballot. >> right. the first will come after the five states have begun. >> most of the people will be impacted by the debates those undecided and probably wait until election day. i wouldn't expect too much of an impact on the early voters. but, you know, a few might be impacted. >> who are the early voters? is there a profile? >> it depends on the state. in a state like north carolina early voters tend to be more african-american. in a state like colorado they tend to be more republican. so it does depend on the state and the circumstances of how early voting works in each of
10:57 am
those states. >> harry, thank you so much. >> thank you. we're tracking hurricane hermine for you. my colleague richard lui will bring a series of reports from the eastern sea board. i'm alex whit. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, asu. hei don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. good saturday. i'm richard lui msnbc headquarters. it's 2:00 p.m. on the east coast. all eyes on hermine. the storm is strengthening as it batters beaches from virginia to new jersey. hermine could reach hurricane strength again by the end of the weekend. on the politics front donald trump takes his campaign to detroit reaching out to african-american voters there. the republican nominee visiting a predominantly black church as protesters shouted outside. let's get started at the top of the hour now with donald trump in detroit. a short time ago he finished a


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